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                     Welcome to Ecigden.com


       Green Smoke. America's #1 Selling E-Cig

         We have 2 locations to better serve you.

              201 Main St. Parkville, Mo. 64152


7650 North Oak Trafficway, Gladstone, Mo. 64118


          You can also see us on Facebook at


   Electric Cigarette Den is located just North of Kansas City at 201 Main St. in Historic Downtown Parkville. At the corner of 2nd and Main St.

     We are also located in the heart of Gladstone in the OldTowne Center, at 6651 North Oak Trafficway.

   Electric Cigarette Den features, Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes. Green Smoke is America's number 1 selling Electric Cigarette.

   Green Smoke is America's best selling Electronic Cigarette (E-Cig). Because of the great quality of their product, great taste, and more vapor than any other brand. Also because of their two piece design, (a battery and cartomizer), which eliminates the mess of adding drops of flavor and nicotine to your E-Cig. You simply screw the cartomizer on the battery and start puffing just like you would a regular cigarette. No buttons to push.

   Here at Electric Cigarette Den you get the opportunity to actually Try the product before you Buy. We feel that is the best way to do buisness. You can take your time and try all 8 flavors.

Green Smoke offers 8 flavors. Absolute Tobacco, Red Label Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Vanilla Dreams, Mocha Mist, Smooth Chocolate, Tobacco Gold and now we have Mountain Clove.

All Electronic Cigarettes are NOT created equal.

   You will also find that Electric Cigarettes are just like every other product being sold today, there are companies that just want to make a quick buck and will sell anything to get it. That is why we only carry Green Smoke. We want to keep our customers happy.

   You will find a many cheap Electric Cigarettes on the market that will tell you they are great but once you buy them you are very disappointed and realize you just wasted $20.00 or $30.00 sometimes more.

   Electric Cigarette Den is an (e-cig) store that caters to smokers who want a QUALITY Electric Cigarette and want to stop looking for places to smoke and who also want to start saving money. Yes it is much cheaper to smoke electronic cigarettes than real cigarettes.

    As of now we only carry Green Smoke e-cigs in our store because we feel that Green Smoke is the very best Electronic Cigarette on the market. It is America's Number 1 selling Electric Cigarette.